"I miss my queer family but it’s

Worth the wait
To keep them safe"

As a queer artist and activist quarantine has been really hard, I've been reminded of my life as a teenager being isolated from the lgbt community and once again finding my sanctuary in the online. My chosen family, those pictured above - is so incredibly important to me and I miss them dearly. I can't wait until I can cook for them all again, I miss having my living room full of laughter. Until we can be safe again, I look forward to our next group call.

- Your Queer Domestic Mum

Quarantine Quilt was a collaborative project started by Rachel Schofield Owen, Kathleen Nellis and Emma Slade Edmondson that sourced contributors world-wide to create squares for their ‘Quarantine Quilt’. With over 100 unique patches the quilt traverses many subjects, responding to the many thoughts and feelings that went with the covid-19 outbreak from different communities. My contribution to the project reflected on my own experiences during the lockdowns, how the physical separation from my chosen family has been challenging. With the ‘Stay at home’ order, many queer people are isolated from the people to understand them the most and may be trapped with families who don’t respect their identity. As a self-made mother figure in my close circle, my acts of care have shifted over the pandemic- but I hope to take lessons from how we build community despite the pandemic- and hope that queer joy will continue to flourish!

The Quarantine Quilt has its own digital home where all contributions can be seen on instagram: quarantine_quilt. 


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